Monday, February 20, 2017

Impassable Rivers

I was reading about the LDS pioneers a couple days ago.  Forced from their homes in Nauvoo Illinois the saints left in handcart companies and walked 1,000 miles to the Salt Lake Valley.


All of the saints faced incredible hardships on their journey but some suffered more than others.  The ill fated Martin-Willey handcart company left late in the season and encountered terrible conditions.  Word reached Brigham Young, the prophet of the church, that all 1,000 saints in the Martin-Willey Handcart company would perish unless they received much needed help.

It's said that men, who started the journey strong and robust arrived at the river and fell to their knees and wept.  To those pioneers, who were sick and weak the river represented an impossible challenge.  Entering the freezing water would be certain death.  Remaining in the frozen prairie was also certain death.  It's said that when help arrived over the mountains, teams of horses, wagons, warm blankets and food that they were nothing less than a angels to those freezing and dying saints.  The stories of bravery and heroism are incredibly moving.  200 pioneers died after help arrived on the remaining trek to the Salt Lake Valley but all the rest were saved!  

It got me thinking about the impassable rivers that I have encountered in my own life.  No, I've never wept by the side of a literal river, but I have faced the despair that accompanies a challenge feels insurmountable.  

I know there are people who suffer.  Crumpled at the banks of their own impassable rivers they need strong arms and fresh supplies to carry them through the darkness that they face.  I may not be able to swoop in and relieve suffering abroad, but I also know that one needn't go far to find people in need.  Loneliness, addiction, hunger, and spiritual suffering are everywhere, in our co-workers, friends, and neighbors.  

I'm not THAT young anymore.  I have been feeling a strong desire to know that I'm doing the right thing with my brief life.  I feel very compelled to lighten loads and encourage weary hearts.  It's what the Savior would do. It's what I want to do.

While I see so much darkness in the world, I want to be the light!  

It's been a year now since I joined itworks and became my own business owner.  Initially my motivation was to improve my family's financial situation, the unexpected result was that I would be forced to push myself outside of my tiny comfort zone and be there for others.

I can't explain the feeling that comes with offering someone who has lost all hope, the chance to dream again!  

My vision has expanded.  My purpose has grown into something so much bigger than myself!  I feel incredibly blessed to be in this position. 

Your life has incredible purpose and meaning!  If you find yourself kneeling at the bank of your own treacherous river, know that you're not alone!  If no one else is there for you, God is, and He will never leave you comfortless.   

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